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We enable digital commerce beyond the boundaries of an online shop.

Welcome to the Tribe for Digital Commerce

Our Blackbit Tribe for Digital Commerce creates platforms and IT infrastructure based on Pimcore. These are optimized for the purchase and sale of goods and services via the internet, mobile networks, and stationary commerce. This includes booking, ticketing and backend systems, webshops, apps, and digital experience platforms. We support our customers in the implementation of transaction-related marketing activities. We provide resources, processes, and technologies to optimize customer acquisition and retention as well as customer experiences at all touch points of the entire customer buying journey.

Alexandr Kogut

Backend development

Alexandr has already gained a lot of professional experience as a full-stack developer and is now focusing on the backend at Blackbit. His ambitious attitude and his eye for seamless cooperation between back- and frontend convinces customers and Blackbit alike. His ability to work in a team is also in demand after work, because that's when team player Alexandr likes to work off his energy playing volleyball or table tennis.

Anton Pomyluiko

Frontend development

Highly motivated, inquisitive and persevering: Anton works on his skills and realises the wishes of our customers in the frontend. Fine-tuned interfaces with precise designs, intuitive design of multi-page websites and outstanding results for mobile devices - the frontend developer knows what matters.

With his Master's degree in Metrology and Information Measurement Technology from the renowned Polytechnic Institute Ihor Sikorskyj in Kiev and as a true Pimcore enthusiast, he is therefore exactly right for Blackbit! In his private life, he is passionate about the football club Arsenal London.

Christoph Klöppner

Application development

+49 551 506 75-0

Application developer Christoph builds digital commerce platforms on a solid Pimcore foundation. As an accomplished backend builder with more than 20 years of experience, he completes even the most challenging projects for our customers. Away from the construction site, the Göttingen native belongs to his wife and two daughters. And then it's off to the bathtub with podcast!

David Gottschalk

КАМ / Business Development

+49 551 506 75-55

David Gottschalk works for us in the area of Key Account Management & Business Development. He primarily supports our existing customers in making their online shop even more successful. The trained IT systems businessman brings the necessary expertise with him from his training. He developed a feel for the needs of customers during his many years as a senior key account manager for well-known companies in the news service and video asset management sectors. The Berlin native is not only sporty when it comes to satisfying our customers: the Harz Mountains provide the passionate racing cyclist with challenges that the capital city cannot offer him.

Dennis Korbginski

Head of Application Development

+49 551 506 75-0

Our head of application development: Dennis hovers above things, including all processes related to the development of applications for our customers. He is responsible for the technical project conception, calculates the expected workload in each case, reliably evaluates new technologies and guides the developer team in new tasks. He doesn't stray far from this in his private life either, as his free time is dominated by technology: Netflix, games and YouTube provide the necessary diversion.

Gabi Hebenstreit

Project management

+49 551 506 75-78

Our customer understanding looks deep into their souls to translate their wishes into programmable images for our developers. Where smoke rises, she is not far away. As a fire extinguisher in emergencies and a busy arsonist for new ideas, project manager Gabi is committed to her customers and also ignites the spark for customer projects among our developers. After the fire... er, after work, the muscles must burn with consuming HIIT or cardio workouts until the oven is finally turned off.

Jan Wieland

Frontend and backend development

+49 551 506 75-0

Jan Wieland is a Full Stack Developer at Blackbit. He started programming privately back in 1985, and since 2012 he has turned his passion into his profession. Born in Göttingen, he is responsible for the development of front- and back-end solutions. In his free time, he enjoys taking pictures in nature and playing billiards.

Parental Leave

Lisa Gierschner

Project management

+49 551 506 75-71

Lisa sees herself as a gardener who plants barren landscapes at the request of customers and advises them on the selection of suitable plants. Structure is everything, which is why she tirelessly insists on the timely implementation of her planting calendar - from planting the seeds to harvesting. After work, she continues with a strict schedule: fixed dinners with the family, weight training or agility with her hunting dog. Only a full week is a good week!

Marileen Bücklers

Frontend development

+49 551 506 75-0

Marileen, a frontend developer based in Hamburg, skilfully combines function and aesthetics in HTML. Her screen designs simply perform beautifully. Experienced in front-end development and newsletter implementation, she has already realised websites for major brands and companies. She gets new input from her online studies in media informatics. Off-the-job, she also keeps everyone in shape - as a mother or trainer for Zumba and aerobics.

Martyna Mozolewska

Project management

+49 551 506 75-0

Martyna Mozolewska has a bachelor's degree in economics and versatile experience from a wide range of industries, making her ideally suited for the turbulent job of project manager. She has already proven her stress resistance at a TV production company in Hamburg, a promotion company and a law firm. When she's not busy scurrying around, she likes to bake, work out or explore the world on her travels.

Maximilian Herrmann

Backend development

+49 551 506 75-0

Max is a backend developer and our agency sunshine. Eight o'clock in the morning at the agency: the coffee machine is working, the computer is booted up and Max is already in a good mood at the start and is highly motivated to take care of the backend to the delight of our customers.

A good day for Max only ends when, after a successful day at work, he once again demonstrates his discipline in the dojo, at his great offline passion WingTsun.

Nadine Bisikati


+49 551 506 75-74

Don't mess with Nadine! As head of operations, she takes care of everything to do with the organisation and control of operational processes. Controlling is also in the hands of the self-confessed control freak. Nadine also describes herself as impatient, direct, impulsive, open and loud - exactly how you would want your colleagues to be. Only in her free time, when she meets up with friends to cook or marvels at the world while travelling, does she sometimes get quiet.

Patrick Bitzer

E-commerce development

+49 551 506 75-0

Fullstack web developer Patrick makes sure that everything looks great and performs optimally on the move. For him, free time means family time, and if there is anything left on his time account, he likes to grab his camera and take photos or browse the web for tutorials and video courses to broaden his horizons.

Robin Selmer

Web development

+49 551 506 75-0

As a frontend developer, Robin is the interface between technology and design - he makes sure that our clients' websites look and feel great on all common devices. His keen eye for detail and his slight obsession with order help him to do this. After work, we see Robin saving the world in video games or away from the screen as a motorcyclist, barbecue master and self-confessed cat lover.

Serhii Shatylo

Senior Software Development

+380 63 779 75-32

Serhii feels at home in the Internet of Things. He takes the development of hardware and software with him after work and integrates his passion into all areas of his life. The full-blooded PHP developer with enthusiasm for the world of birds and everything to do with the open source platform Pimcore prefers to spend his free time together with his family in unknown and preferably quiet places in untouched nature.

Sören Dammert

Web development

+49 551 506 75-0

One customer, one solution. Sören finds and develops it, always tailored to the customer and his needs. To do this, he analyses the technical requirements, models the solution and implements it. In this way, he is always learning something new. No wonder, because in his private life he also likes to expand his horizons, try out new things, is madly in love with detail and defends his opinions passionately. Perhaps one could even say that discussing is his hobby.

Vyacheslav Semeniy

QA Automation Engineering

+380 63 779 75-32

The fact that Vyacheslav likes to take responsibility for things explains his choice of profession, because the quality automation developer checks whether everything is running as it should. If that's not the case, he gets behind it until it works again. When he's not busy looking for improvements and optimisation options, he's deepening his Python knowledge for an automated efficient workflow. A perfect Sunday for him means spending time with his wife or optimising his skills on the wakeboard.

The Management Board

Stefano Viani

CEO & Founder, Goettingen

Nadine Bisikati

Management, Goettingen

Daniel Gerlach

CEO, Goettingen

Alexander Strizhakov

Engineering Director, Kyiv

Our Mission

We accelerate the development of your company in digital commerce through outstanding brand experiences and relevant added value.

To do this, we rely on leading technologies, an agile corporate organization, and innovative methods that put people as users, business partners, and employees at the center of everything we do.

In this way, we make our contribution to positively shaping the future. 

Our Vision

Blackbit is an internationally recognized agency brand for digital commerce. Blackbit stands for holistic strategies, agile methods, and their successful implementation. An agile, customer- and employee-oriented organizational structure ensures high profitability.

Our Values

We are a guide in the world of innovation and accelerate the development of your business. We help to identify problems and propose solutions. We provide you with new tools and information on how to use them. We work transparently and quickly. Communication with us is easy. We remain a good partner for your company even after the project has been completed. You can count on us!

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