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Pimcore Digital Asset Management System (DAM)

Pimcore offers out-of-the-box open source digital asset management that can be accessed via webdav or web.

Pimcore offers powerful media management as standard, which can be accessed quickly and without additional interfaces via the integrated CMS, PIM, web-to-print and e-commerce framework. The integrated open source solution therefore differs from all DAM systems from other providers.

Centralized management, uncomplicated access and fast distribution of media content are important prerequisites for a consistent brand image today and in the future. With Pimcore Digital Asset Management, digital documents can be managed with ease - via the web-based user interface or via a WebDAV network drive at the workplace. This is how Pimcore Digital Asset Management supports the success of your digital marketing.

Image data is automatically converted into the desired target formats and previews of videos and Office documents make digital asset management (DAM) even more user-friendly. All digital documents can be quickly equipped with any amount of meta information.


Typical Areas of Application for a DAM Solution

  • Marketing portals in the B2B or B2C sector (companies offer images of their products for customers to download)
  • Marketing or press departments in advertising companies, NGOs, etc.
  • Printing industry for managing layouts, customer logos, images, photos, etc.
  • Music industry, e.g. for storing music tracks for further processing
  • Information and documentation centers
  • Press and radio archives
  • Company and corporate archives
  • Computer-generated imagery and animation projects (3D modeling)
  • Film projects

Request Demo Access to “Pimcore as a DAM System” Now.

Test Pimcore as a digital asset management system and our "Pimcore brand portal" bundle free of charge and without obligation. The brand portal extends Pimcore with access to your media for business partners, press and suppliers.

Manage Digital Media Conveniently

Digital asset management systems (DAM) can be used to store and organize any digital content such as graphics, clips, music files or text modules.

Especially in the enterprise segment, media asset management software must be able to meet the requirements of companies.

DAM systems are often integrated with web content management, product information management and e-commerce systems.


Video transcoding and preview in Pimcore

Especially in the enterprise segment, media asset management software must be able to meet the requirements of companies,

DAM systems are often integrated with web content management, product information management and e-commerce systems.


Automatic format conversion in Pimcore Asset Management

This is because DAM systems generally offer specialized functions for format conversion and the provision of digital content that WCMS, PIM and online store systems do not have. In the case of Pimcore, there is no need to connect to a WCMS, PIM and online store system, as digital asset management is already integrated.

Interfaces offer the option of connecting other systems and easily accessing the assets from other applications (e.g. Adobe InDesign) via a network drive.

Recurring processes can be automated using script functions.

What Pimcore Digital Asset Management Does

Dam Front End: Providing Data for Suppliers and External Service Providers

With the additional integration of the DAM plugin, Pimcore becomes a complete and comprehensive digital asset management platform.

This plugin extends Pimcore with a DAM frontend that allows suppliers and service providers to conveniently access the desired data.

For example, you can offer assets to customers individually and in the desired format for download, exchange data with the customer or edit file collections together.


The Most Important Functions of the Pimcore Dam at a Glance

  • Import and export files
  • Simple organization of digital documents
  • File preview for videos and Office documents
  • Extensive image editing tools
  • Fast file search
  • Enrich files with metadata
  • Versioning and archiving of files
  • Combine files into packages (collections)
  • Exchange of media with external service providers and suppliers
  • Integration with other systems via a rest web service
  • Powerful and scalable architecture
  • Access via web-based user interfaces or a WebDAV network drive at the workstation

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