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Pimcore Platinum Partner and Pimcore Agency Blackbit

As a Pimcore Platinum Partner and Enterprise Subscription Integrator, we create integrated user experiences based on Pimcore.

Pimcore & Blackbit

Blackbit has been a certified Pimcore agency since 2013. Our Digital Commerce Tribe is the part of our company that creates integrated user experiences based on Pimcore. We combine content, commerce and community through outstanding design to create digital worlds that put the user at the center and create added value. We develop e-commerce solutions, booking and event platforms, PIM systems and corporate websites.

25+ years of experience in e-commerce - 11+ years certified Pimcore partner

High-performance solutions for all aspects of consulting, design and development of integrated PIM solutions, multichannel strategies and connections to external systems.

25+ certified Pimcore experts and over 105 realized projects

The operation of Pimcore systems has been at the core of our offering for over ten years. Benefit from our knowledge and many years of experience.

400+ features & bug fixes: Active co-development of the Pimcore Core

We actively contribute to the Pimcore Core. Our customizations have enabled hundreds of customers to optimize their daily workflows. Learn more

105+ realized projects in the b2b & b2c sector in various industries

Benefit from our many years of experience in the travel & tourism, retail, industry, events & ticketing, food and many more sectors.

Pimcore: The Framework for Digital Commerce and Digital Transformation

Pimcore is the leading open source platform for the digital challenges of tomorrow. Pimcore is already used by over 100,000 leading companies worldwide and has been recognized by renowned analysts. As a Cool Vendor for Digital Commerce (Gartner), Pimcore enables the management of any data and individualized user experience in equal measure. This is how Pimcore creates the conditions for successful e-commerce. Find out more about Pimcore here.

As an agency, with Pimcore we offer our customers the generic basic functionalities including the administrative backend as an open source system free of charge. On this basis, we create the required and success-critical service extensions without reinventing the wheel. This is easy on the budget and reduces subsequent maintenance costs.

From simple landing pages and websites to integrated product information management systems and complex digital experience platforms: With the extremely flexible Pimcore framework, any requirement can be realized. Ideal for agile, growth-oriented approaches, Pimcore supports step-by-step optimization and further development.

The decision for Pimcore is therefore not a decision for store software, but a decision for a technology basis to implement the rapidly evolving requirements of digital commerce and achieve competitive advantages on the web.

Whether B2B or B2C - Benefit from Our Experience in Many Different Sectors

Travel & Tourism
Events & Ticketing

Pimcore integrates CMS, PIM, DAM and e-commerce functions in an open source suite

The integration of different products into one solution reduces the number of interfaces required and thus enables the smooth flow of business-critical information through companies and processes along the value chains. At the same time, Pimcore does not refuse to integrate with other solutions such as CRM and ERP systems.

The extensive APIs are based on open standards, Pimcore itself on the leading PHP framework Symfony. This means that Pimcore offers maximum flexibility, as it is "developer-friendly" and open for connection to other systems. Find out more about Pimcore here.

Blackbit Data Director for Pimcore

Importing data from various sources (XML, Excel, BMEcat or CSV files) and other systems and exporting it is one of the regular tasks of our digital agency. In line with our customers' requirements, we have developed Data Director, a tool that significantly simplifies the processing of digital data by providing a graphical user interface for the configuration of individual interfaces.

The Blackbit Data Director enables users to do a lot of work themselves without programming. This saves time, shortens the time-to-market in many cases and makes Pimcore interfaces performant, inexpensive, transparent and maintainable. Video tutorials explain the first steps. Experienced users can extend our plugin using PHP code and access a growing number of PHP templates for recurring tasks.

Blackbit is the Pimcore agency and platinum partner for your project

With offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Göttingen and Ukraine, Blackbit is your partner for sophisticated Pimcore projects. As a Platinum Partner, we master all the possibilities of the platform: from the PIM system and asset management to the e-commerce platform. Our range of services includes consulting, development and marketing with a focus on e-commerce. We make your challenges our own and look forward to hearing from you.