Produce flyers, product sheets, price lists or complete product catalogues conveniently via the Pimcore backend

Pimcore provides ideal support for your web-to-print and cross-media publishing projects. Pimcore's product information management system provides structured data for this purpose, including all corresponding multimedia assets. Since software version 4.1.0, Pimcore also offers an integrated web-to-print feature. This allows catalogues to be created CI-compliant with up-to-date data, individual prices and high-quality images at any time in the blink of an eye. The print-ready PDF files are delivered directly from the Pimcore PIM system.


Even though online has become the dominant channel, print still has its place. Printed matter makes your company's offer stand out from the mass of digital messages. Printed catalogs are an important impulse generator in e-commerce; your customer takes notice of your printed matter even if you haven't reached them via newsletter for a long time.

For print to work in the digital world, it must meet current requirements. Companies are therefore well advised to think about scope and frequency: the catalog as a reference work has had its day.

Today, print is more of a useful supplement to the shop and provides seasonal and occasion-related buying impulses. Ideally, companies compile the assortment individually for their customers and thus implement the online trend of personalized user experiences in print as well. 

Pimcore: The Core of the Web-To-Print System

Pimcore is where all the data for catalog creation comes together.

The HTML templates are output as print data (PDF) via the Pimcore backend.

The result: catalog creation at the push of a button

To meet today's requirements, companies need powerful web-to-print software. First of all, offers must be synchronized across all channels, prices and product information must be identical. An integrated all-in-one platform like Pimcore is a great help here. Digital media and product information are stored centrally and output to the website and online shop via the content management system.

If the information in the PIM system is up-to-date and the publishing process defined, print is ideally just another output channel.

The Web-To-Print Workflow in Pimcore

Case Study: How Windhager Automates Catalog Production

Read how Austrian Windhager Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. uses the Pimcore web-to-print solution to save time and money in the production of high-quality product catalogs.

Windhager Case Study lesen Windhager Case Study lesen

Create Extensive Print Products Easily

Even complex, multi-page print products can be conveniently created with the web-to-print feature of Pimcore. For this purpose, a distinction is made between the document types PrintPages and PrintContainer:

PrintPages are flexible Pimcore documents that can be edited just as intuitively as normal Pimcore pages.

So these print documents support everything from template creation to structuring content using areas and editables to dragging and dropping assets and objects stored in Pimcore.

PrintContainers have no content themselves but bundle all sub-pages (PrintPages) into a single PDF.

In this way, they allow you to structure extensive print products such as catalogs, price lists, books, etc. Of course, you can also nest PrintContainers.

For example, create a parent container that contains several chapter containers, which in turn house the actual printed pages.

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