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Pimcore Hosting in the Cloud

Blackbit has over twenty years of experience in hosting and managing e-commerce systems.

The operation of Pimcore systems has been at the core of our offering for almost ten years. Whether PIM, digital asset management, CMS or e-commerce framework, we ensure high availability, security, performance and the necessary flexibility for the further development of your Pimcore system.

Agile Even after the Release

In contrast to other providers and web hosting providers, our focus is on secure operation and the further development of the system and business. The continuous development of a Pimcore project places special demands on the qualifications of the employees, the agency's work processes and the hosting. As hosting was previously focused primarily on stability and performance, changes were rather undesirable. Today, however, the market - and therefore the customers - demand much faster development and a more rapid implementation of changes. Operations and development must work hand in hand and the previously conflicting principles of agility and stability must be combined.

DevOps Combines Development and Operations

The word DevOps is made up of "Dev" for application development and "Ops" for IT operations and stands for the combination of two seemingly contradictory areas. Internet start-ups and native cloud companies use DevOps to update their applications faster and deliver them without errors. In May 2011, for example, online mail order company and cloud provider Amazon initiated a software update on average every 11.6 seconds and delivered it to an average of 10,000 servers simultaneously. You could already readabout this in our blog post DevOps in the digital agency .


Pimcore hosting from Blackbit is the basis for agile software development

We have given our Pimcore hosting, which is based on Kubernetes,
its own spaceship.

Cloud Hosting with Our Partner Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Even if your Pimcore installation is not comparable to the Amazon sales platform and DevOps is more a question of philosophy or a task for the process organization, processes and tools from cloud companies and cloud start-ups can be transferred to the hosting of your digital commerce platform.

AWS offers various services that simplify hosting, software version management, the commissioning of software changes and the monitoring of servers and store performance.

Blackbit is a member of the Amazon Partner Network and Amazon Reseller. We make the techniques and principles of DevOps available for your digital commerce platform.

"DevOps is a combination of mindsets, practices and tools that enable organizations to deliver applications and services faster and easier. It allows products to be developed and improved in less time than companies that rely on traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed advantage allows companies to better serve their customers and be more effective in the marketplace."

Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon,
"Association for Computing Machinery's Queue", May 2016


Customized Pimcore Hosting, Adapted to Your Requirements

Instead of relying solely on dedicated servers, we rely on container-based hosting. Compared to managed servers, this solution minimizes our and your expenses and conserves valuable resources. As with a managed server, your Pimcore installation is shielded from other applications so that a so-called "noisy neighbor" cannot disrupt the operation of your digital commerce platform.


Our containers are executed on the basis of Kubernetes clusters ( These containers are created by our developers and contain the operating system and all software packages required to run your Pimcore solution and desired add-ons in a stable manner. Our developers work on your local working environments with the same container that is also running on the server in e-commerce hosting. This reduces the target times for setting up development environments and there are no surprises when updating the live server, for example because the development environment and production environment differ (e.g. due to different PHP versions).

Memory capacities and CPU performance can be quickly adjusted to cope with peak loads, for example during the Christmas season. If load peaks are not foreseeable, configurations can be implemented that independently increase their performance and adapt to current demand.

The container services can be used to quickly start development servers and test servers as required and delete them again as soon as they are no longer needed.

PIM as a Service (PaaS)

Pimcore is an excellent system for Master Data Management (MDM) and the management of product information. Based on the Pimcore Community Edition and the Blackbit Data Director, we offer Product Information Management as a Service. In contrast to other Pimcore projects, individual customizations in the case of PIM and MDM essentially focus on the development of interfaces, user interfaces, reports and workflows. Thanks to the Data Director, these customizations can be configured using the graphical user interface within Pimcore, eliminating the need to manage customer-specific program extensions.

Whether you want to use Pimcore as an open source framework for the agile development of digital user experiences such as CMS, DXP and e-commerce or for the flexible management of digital information and assets - Blackbit offers you the right solutions and services.

Support - Reliable Assistance around the Clock

As a Blackbit customer, you benefit from the expertise of our permanently employed Pimcore developers. Rely on powerful technology powered by Amazon. With our support contracts, you secure access to our team of Pimcore specialists and can rely on guaranteed response and resolution times.

You can find more information about our support and service contracts here. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a customized offer based on our framework agreements.

Service and Support Contracts for the Operation of Your Pimcore System

Do you hate sudden errors and expect fast support in the event of a fault? With a service and support contract, we offer reliable help with guaranteed response and resolution times.

And to ensure that neither you nor we experience any nasty surprises, we recommend a regular status meeting after a technical analysis of the current situation and requirements. In this meeting, you and your contact person evaluate the previous collaboration and plan the next phase.

We offer coordinated service packages for different requirements, the key data of which we have clearly compared for you here. We will be happy to inform you about the details and advise you on the selection of a service and support contract tailored to your needs.

Our Service & Support Contracts at a Glance

Available during business hours (8/4)
Availability outside business hours (24/7)
Response times depending on error class
Not guaranteed
From 4 h
From 2 h
From 1 h
Solution times depending on error class
Not guaranteed
From 48 h*
From 24 h*
From 48 h**
Free quota (per month)
2 h
4 h
6 h
Telephone support
Own team channel
Contact with Pimcore developer:in
Jour Fixe
1 × monthly
2 × monthly
4 × monthly
Named contact person
Kosten (bei jährlicher Zahlweise)
Kosten bei Leistungen außerhalb des Freikontingents
140 €/h
140 €/h
140 €/h
140 €/h

* The service time extends exclusively to business hours, i.e. 48 h correspond to 6 working days

** The service time corresponds to weekly time, i.e. 48 h correspond to two weeks

No matter what you choose: At Blackbit, we attach great importance to ensuring that you have a personal contact person - directly available to you, without being put on hold.

We have given our Pimcore hosting, which is based on Kubernetes, its own spaceship.

All Advantages at a Glance

  • Agile change management
  • Operation in an Amazon data center within Europe
  • Reliable response and resolution times
  • Proactive support for your Pimcore installation
  • Best performance
  • Automatic back-ups
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Adaptation to changing loads
  • You only pay for what you actually use

Do you have any questions about Pimcore hosting?

Benefit from our experience in operating Pimcore systems. We ensure high availability, security and performance.

Creating relevant added value with Pimcore

We develop e-commerce solutions, booking and event platforms, PIM systems and corporate websites. Find out all about Pimcore and our services as a Platinum Partner and Enterprise Subscription Integrator.