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As a content management system (CMS), Pimcore lets you centrally create, manage and edit content directly on your website.

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Pimcore: The Open Source Platform for Digital Experiences

Pimcore is an open source platform for next-generation digital experiences that lets you manage content, products, and assets across multiple channels and devices, and opens up additional opportunities with headless content and commerce capabilities.

CMS & Digital Experience Platform Pimcore

See for yourself the only open source software that integrates content, commerce and data in one place by combining a best-of-breed content management system (CMS), product information management (PIM) system, digital asset management (DAM) and powerful master data management (MDM).

Unlike best-of-breed software, Pimcore is an integrated platform with all the modules needed to deliver an outstanding user experience. Thanks to API-based data delivery, you centrally orchestrate your single-source and multi-channel publications to realize the full potential of your content.

Advantages of Pimcore as CMS & DXP

High Performance, Flexible & Scalable 
Pimcore is run in the Kubernetes cluster at Blackbit and meets the most demanding requirements.

Open Source Software Platform with Strong Community
Benefit from an active community of users and developers who are continuously working on platform improvements and innovative features.

Product Information Managementt (PIM)
Product information management is easy to use thanks to a user-friendly graphical user interface and can be easily customized by means of low-code data modeling.

Individually Ccustomizable & Arbitrarily Expandable
A plug-in system enables functional expansion; ERP systems, merchandise management or other external systems can be connected via REST API.

Central Orchestration with Multi-Channel Publishing Capabilities
As a content management system (CMS), Pimcore allows you to create, manage and edit content directly on your website in the CMS module.

Individual Customer Experiences
Use the Experience Management Platform and Customer Data Management to create and manage your online store and deliver personalized experiences to your e-commerce customers.

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Pimcore Cases by Blackbit

Pimcore is used by large and small companies across all industries to provide customers with an optimal customer journey. As an experienced Pimcore agency, Blackbit has already created compelling digital experiences based on the Pimcore CMS both nationally and internationally.

Antonio Viani GmbH

Online Trade and Retail Stores Perfectly Linked

Viani is a leading importer and wholesaler of delicatessen specialties, serving restaurateurs, retailers and end consumers alike. In addition to an online store, Viani operates nine retail stores and has become the leading provider of cooking courses in Germany. Following a comprehensive web relaunch, Viani won the 2016 Shop Usability Award as "Most Innovative Shop" and continuously expanded its digital commerce platform. A reduced, open page and store design and smart interfaces seamlessly connect the retail store and online commerce.

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Online and Offline of the Viani World Grow Together

In 2016, Blackbit developed a new experience management platform for Viani, which appealed to specialist retailers as well as consumers with a fresh look and new e-commerce functionality. Distribution channels were expanded to multi-channel via catalog, retail and brand store for B2B and B2C. In 2021, as part of a comprehensive web relaunch, Viani's online presence was not only to be expanded with new content and offers (vouchers, cooking courses, store locations) and visually refreshed, but also harmonized with stationary services and products of the delicatessen provider.

Connoisseurs should be able to shop conveniently online and offline, redeem vouchers and book cooking courses. The goal: maximum user-friendliness and a design that welcomes the entire Viani audience to a place of indulgence. Online editors as well as in-store sales staff should also have as little effort as possible in managing and synchronizing data from different sources.

Blackbit digital Commerce - Pimcore Agentur
"Antonio Viani Importe GmbH and its subsidiaries Viani Food GmbH and Viani Alimentari GmbH have grown together faster in digital commerce through the new Pimcore store than would have been possible in analog requirements. We are currently excellently positioned digitally with B2C growth in the triple digits and B2B growth in the double digits."

Stephan Aswald, COO at Viani

Content Commerce, Smart Interfaces and an Open Design

For seamless cross-channel commerce, Blackbit has linked the Pimcore web platform used by Viani with the stores' point-of-sale system and the cooking course management tool. By synchronizing data (voucher purchases, activations, and remaining amounts, or cooking course dates, content, and available seats), the systems are always on the same page. Customers can conveniently purchase and redeem vouchers online and offline and book cooking classes. 

Cleaner code and a new technical base ensure better page performance and compatibility with future Pimcore versions. PHP templates have been replaced by modern Twig templates with Vue.JS components - for optimal responsiveness of the website and faster loading of dynamic page content. Even more user-friendliness and a harmonious shopping experience is provided by the reduced, clean web design, which reflects the minimalist design of the local Viani stores.

"With the relaunch of Viani's Pimcore platform, we are embracing the clean design of local stores and print media to provide both end and business customers with a familiar and user-friendly shopping experience."

Jana Hartmann, UX Designer & Senior Consultant bei Blackbit

30% More Conversions and Doubling of Mobile Sales

Thanks to personalized content, customers from different segments feel noticeably at ease at the digital Viani table. The dwell time and the conversion rate of the online store have increased by more than 30% within a few weeks after the relaunch. The new services integrated into the software platform, such as coupons and online tastings, are being accepted with enthusiasm. The technical update and mobile optimization of the design have also paid off: Sales via smartphones and tablets doubled in the first month after implementation.

Antonio Viani GmbH – Read the Complete Case Study Now

You can also read in our case study how delicatessen importer Antonio Viani Importe GmbH optimized catalog creation and its e-business through professional product information management.

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ASS-Einrichtungssysteme GmbH

Internationally Consistent Content

ASS supplies customers worldwide with customized furnishing modules. Founded in 1937, the family-owned company today implements furnishing visions with over 800 employees at four locations and is one of the leading companies in the industry.

The holistic solution for ASS is based on product data stored in Pimcore. It includes the updating of print information, a new website and presents ASS's corporate vision in a picture-perfect way - with reduced time-to-market for the ASS marketing team thanks to Pimcore CMS with less maintenance.

ASS Case Study lesen

Effective Creation of Product Data Sheets, Optimized Marketing and Sales Processes

The cooperation with ASS-Einrichtungssysteme started with the requirement to create product data sheets more effectively. In the future, these were to be realized on the basis of all available information in a simple process. The prerequisite for this was the establishment of a new product information management (PIM) and the migration of existing product data from outdated software. After the first positive experiences with Pimcore and Blackbit, the company commissioned the relaunch of the website: the previous WordPress site had a confusing product structure, refused adequate mobile playout and was therefore not very attractive for users. In particular, the B2B sales department of ASS-Einrichtungssysteme expected an increase in sales and a reduction in sales costs from optimized product communication.

Blackbit digital Commerce - Pimcore Agentur
Blackbit’s Optimized 3D Configurator Exhibits Smooth Performance without Affecting the Overall Performance of the Site.

A Holistic Solution Approach Based on Pimcore

Blackbit quickly developed a user-friendly information structure for the website with a clear user interface that makes future editorial work efficient and flexible. The templates used are modular and require little maintenance. They offer flexibility and design freedom through the use of blocks, similar to WordPress.

The integrated CMS module accesses the product information stored in the PIM system. These are always up to date thanks to central Pimcore data and asset management. Digital assets such as new product images, textures or fabrics can be set up quickly and efficiently and distributed with stored products. The integration of CMS and product information management system in one platform eliminates all additional steps for the maintenance of product information on the website and in the electronic catalog.

Fast, Efficient, User-Friendly and Always Up-to-Date

For a realistic representation of furniture details, Blackbit has developed a complex 3D configurator with 360° view that shows the entire product range. It allows to view and customize each piece of furniture digitally, including all possible combinations of materials and colors. The overall performance of the website shows good results in the Google Lighthouse test and supports a pleasant shopping and inspiration experience.

Product datasheets are generated in real time and can be downloaded from the website in different languages at any time. Translation efforts were reduced by using Pimcore Data Director, which has a DeepL interface for automatic translation. Intricately designed, vibrant inspiration pages on the website clearly convey the company's vision of creating conducive, healthy learning and working environments. As a result, the new ASS-Einrichtungssysteme website offers ideal conditions for an international clientele and an expansion of the established customer base.

Ass-Einrichtungssysteme Gmbh - Read the Complete Case Study Now

Read all about our holistic solution for ASS Einrichtungssysteme in this case study: from the efficient production of product data sheets to a new website, fed by a customized product information system.

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