Social CRM: 11 tips for companies

Stefano Viani


12 Apr 2016 Digital Marketing Social media

Today, social media offer companies enormous potential in the area of customer relationship management. Increasingly, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are turning busy customers into data providers and partners in the development of products and business areas. To help you get to know your customers better, customize offers and build your company's reputation, we've put together 11 tips for successful social customer relationship management (sCRM).

Since successful sCRM is inextricably linked to skillful community management and a sophisticated inbound marketing strategy, the majority of our tips relate to these areas:

Social CRM: 11 Tipps für erfolgreiches Kundenbeziehungsmanagement im Social Web - Blackbit

  • Target group identification: romp around in the social networks and communities where your target group is active. Only there will you have the chance to identify influencers and then activate them in dialog with a lot of tact and patience.

  • Target group language: Learn the language of your target group in order to be able to conduct an authentic dialog. Simply interacting with your target group matures your empathy for them and solidifies your communication to the point where you can recognize crises, steer dialogues in your favor, or introduce promotional content.

  • Style Guide: Capture both tone, industry-specific terms, hashtags, and general communication guidelines to ensure consistent customer engagement.

  • Courage: Of course, you can take cues from other companies' success strategies - but ultimately, you need to find your own path, gain experience, and test extensively. Try out procedures stringently and consistently within defined cycles. Only when these have been completed should they be tested for success.

  • Monitoring: You should know what and where people are talking about your company and your products, because this information is more valuable than often unsuccessful attempts at participation. Use tools and services for monitoring to also stay abreast of industry trends and needs. Even if your systemic coverage is configured for trouble spots, be sure to check any responses against human reasoning for the sentiment behind them.

  • Disaster plan: be prepared not only for negative feedback in dialogue, but also for its escalation. Train your employees in how to deal with it and jointly define a step-by-step plan for information flow and reaching decision-makers.

  • Fast response time: Respond quickly to increase the quality of your communication on the web and within your own communities. Responding promptly - whether to positive or negative content, messages, or comments - increases the bar of social signals valuable to sCRM.

  • Social Content: Avoid any promotional undertone when preparing and publishing your messages or information. The higher the proportion of content that is applauded by the target group and shared there, the more valuable the data collected from it. Find out what connects the target groups with each other, what triggers enthusiasm or what influences the mood of the community in order to classify social content. The higher the proportion of social content and information relative to promotional messages, the more valuable the data collected from it.

  • Activating and helpful content: Create added value for potential customers with your content and encourage participation.

  • Dialogue instead of monologue: Benefit from the experience of your customers, prospects and partners and exchange questions and ideas with them.

  • Data matching: Match your CRM system with relevant information from the social web and use the enriched data for future customer-oriented measures.

With the bundling of interactions, in alignment with user groups and data stock, you get a more comprehensive picture of your target groups. The increased quality of your dataset allows you to place your marketing messages more accurately and generate higher revenue by attracting more qualified leads to your offering. At the same time, you add value to the shared digital experience of users and brand through excellent content and service, and are rewarded by your customers with positive testimonials.

You can read more about the successful and privacy-compliant use of information in social media marketing in the current Social Media Compass from the BVDW.

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