New Data Director tutorial - working more efficiently with Data Query Selectors

Stefano Viani


11 Aug 2022 Pimcore Import, Export

Its users know that it is a powerful tool. One skill that makes Data Director so powerful is working with Data Query Selectors. What Data Query Selectors can do and how they optimize the Pimcore user experience has been exemplified by our colleague Jan in a new tutorial.


You want to display your data from relations or field collections within the Pimcore Grid View? Or display data from other objects in the Object Edit panel to simplify your data maintenance workflow? No problem with Data Query Selectors!

Data Query Selectors

The unified query language for all aspects of data processing (import, export, grid display, calculated-value fields) speeds up the implementation of your use cases. No PHP or Pimcore database knowledge is required. Auto-completion provides support for querying your object data. Helpful shortcuts are also available for common use cases (e.g. get URL of an asset or labels of select box options)!

For a deeper insight and direct usage examples, the tutorial is exclusively available on our YouTube channel.

The Data Director

You don't know our Data Director yet and want to learn more about our powerful import and export bundle? We will be happy to show you all functions and application possibilities in an exclusive demo. Please contact us!

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