New at the Blackbit Academy: Pimcore Data Modelling Workshop

Stefano Viani


10 Mar 2023 Pimcore

Shortly after the launch of the Blackbit Academy, we publish our first course. With the workshop especially for Pimcore users, we offer new exclusive content for internal and external participants.

Neu in der Blackbit Academy: Pimcore Datamodelling Workshop

Pimcore makes it easy to create individual data models with the help of the graphical user interface (GUI). However, a GUI cannot replace the basic knowledge about modelling data models and the Pimcore-specific peculiarities that need to be taken into account. In our course, Pimconaut Jan Walther reports on common mistakes and gives advice on how to create an optimal data model. In doing so, he always keeps the user in mind, who wants a clear navigation and efficient data maintenance. Suboptimal data models are often not immediately recognisable and only reveal themselves in practice. Subsequent changes without data loss are only possible with increased effort. A suboptimal data model causes higher costs and more effort in data maintenance.

The context of a PIM system must always be considered

No PIM system exists without other surrounding systems. As a rule, a PIM system is connected to an ERP system and in many cases also to a shop. If the data flows through the systems, the question arises as to which system is decisive for which attributes. Many details make the difference:

  • In which language should entities and attributes be named so that the end user can find his way around?
  • What kind of relations should be created (for example between products and their categories)?
  • How can you ensure the accessibility of data and make recurring data maintenance processes more efficient?

You will receive helpful answers to these and other questions in our workshop.

Didactic structure

In our new workshop, you will not only acquire the necessary knowledge and know-how to create a data model that is ideal for your goals. You will also learn to ask the right questions before you start creating your data model and gain a higher understanding of the structure of data models in Pimcore. Overall, this brings together the developer and user perspectives to create a common understanding.

With a quiz at the end of each lesson, you can immediately check your individual learning success. The course concludes with a practical modelling task where you can directly apply your newly gained knowledge.

Make your processes in Pimcore more efficient

This course is suitable for developers, project managers and decision makers. Book our workshop now and get practical tips for designing your ideal data model: Book Now

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