Dynamic Remarketing: Targeted AdWords Advertising

Stefano Viani


15 Feb 2016 Digital Marketing SEA

Anyone who occasionally visits online stores is familiar with the phenomenon: a certain time after you leave the store, you regularly encounter AdWords ads for exactly the products you were looking at before. Of course, this is no coincidence, but dynamic remarketing.

Dynamisches Remarketing: Zielgenaue AdWords-Werbung

Classic vs. dynamic remarketing - what's the difference?

Just like classic remarketing, dynamic remarketing allows you to serve ads to Internet users who have used a website or mobile app before. Dynamic remarketing goes one step further: here, the content of the ad is generated automatically and is based on the products or services that the user has already viewed.

Advantages of dynamic remarketing at a glance

  • Accurate targeting: exactly the products that the user last viewed are advertised.
  • Low conversion costs: Since the ads are only played out to actual interested parties, there is significantly less wastage than with other types of marketing.
  • More leads and more sales: Thanks to target group-specific advertising messages, you lead previous visitors back to the exact products and services that interest them, thus increasing the likelihood of a purchase.
  • Efficient click pricing: Thanks to automated bidding strategies,AdWords can calculate the ideal bid every time an ad is placed.
  • Easy creation: The user-friendly AdWords interface makes it easy to create and edit dynamic ads.

How the ads should be designed, which target groups are addressed and numerous other parameters can be individually defined in dynamic remarketing with Google AdWords. For example, ads can be placed for all store visitors who have viewed products but not completed the purchase process. In addition, it is possible, for example, to limit the number of ad placements per user per day to prevent them from feeling annoyed by excessive advertising.

Sounds like an exciting piece of the puzzle for your marketing mix? As an experienced Google partner with several certified AdWords professionals, Blackbit is happy to support you in dynamic remarketing.

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