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Stefano Viani


07 Apr 2021 Shop system Partnerships

Datadog bundles the monitoring and performance-Analysis of different cloud applications in one platform. Why Blackbit is integrating the service into its hosting offering in the future, you can find out here.

The French service provider Datadog is specialized in companies whose business is based on complex cloud applications. The software company ümonitorssoftware solution to monitor subsystems such as servers, databases, tools and other services in real time. Causes and interactions of simplebut also highly complex, system malfunctions are become with the help of the Datadog dashboard makes it easier to identify and targeted fixed.

Der Monitoring-Dienst von Datadog ist im Blackbit Hosting-Service enthalten

Designed for devs and admins

Because unlike competitive monitoring solutions Datadog is focused on presenting all the tools and services needed for development and smooth operation. This specialization follows from the history of the French service provider. The founders developed their product primarily to visibility across teams.eand to developers as administrators a common database as a basis for action. to basis for actions.

Because Datadog allows monitoring of the digital infrastructure of projects that are already live, it is particularly suited to be part of the Blackbit Hosting Service. Because the earlier irregularities can be identified and traced back to a cause, the faster they are usually eliminated. Umporary reactions allowed Datadog especially because both individual alarm messages or notifications as well as complex alarmlogics can be set up. Notifications are sent by mail, for example, Slack or othern preferredn channels.

Optional Application Monitoring in Hosting

About the basic package können our hosting customers a chargeable Application monitoringen. Operators of online stores, for example profit This add-on is particularly useful for online shop operators, as it provides a live, integrated display that shows them the reasons why purchasing processes come to a standstill. Individual functions from product search to payment processing and all the and all the systems that support them can be viewed. But not only thatEven the history of irregularities and what measures have been taken to rectify them can be viewed.n, is possible thanks to fall accuratehe Documentation easily comprehensible.

Away from troubleshooting, Datadog a healthy system also tor additional optimization. If for example, individual servers, databases or tools are identified as elements that slow down higher-level processes, their Tuning directly improve the speed of the entire system.

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